Friday, April 29, 2011

Tabby's tooth

Tabby got out of the bath and was brushing her teeth when she noticed that her tooth was loose. She wiggled it and it came out. She came downstairs crying and said, "Mommy my tooth falled out." She was so upset and I knew that if I started laughing she would cry more. I told her she did a great job and now the tooth fairy will bring her money if she puts her tooth under her pillow. I guess that was the right answer because she ran all over telling everyone that she lost a tooth.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer teaser

"Hey, Ice Cream Man we have money!"

Calvin and Tabby picking out ice cream

Tabby's dirty feet

Tabby eating her popcicle

Izzie just won't put that bottle down

Calvin is getting a little big for the slide

Chas you make me laugh

I love to play in the mud!

Last Friday the weather was beautiful. It was 68 degrees, the sky was blue, my kids were playing in the yard when they heard the sound that every kid can hear all summer long from miles away. Yes, I'm talking about the Ice Cream Truck. I had a few dollars in my purse so Calvin and Tabby flagged them down and got big sticks for everyone. I have fond memories of buying ice cream from the ice cream truck when I was a kid. :)

Today it is 48 degrees and raining. I cannot wait for summer.

Monday, April 25, 2011

maddy's first easter

Maddy was born the year of the rabbit (thanks for reminding me Ang).Here are some pictures of Maddy with our easter bunnies and in her easter basket.

egg heads

look at all those seeds

they look like twins :)

Tabby getting ready to water her egg head

Tabby's egg head

Steve's egg head

Calvin's egg head

Chas's egg head

I saved 5 egg shells from different recipes I was making. My kids put soil and wheat grass seeds in the egg shell and then drew faces on the outside of the egg. In a couple of days the seed sprouted and then this is after 1 week. I think those egg heads are due for a hair cut :p

Sunday, April 24, 2011

preschool fieldtrip

wooden shoe tulip farm


Happy Easter. This is the pictures I took today after church of my kiddos. Izzie is ready for her nap.

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the church on Saturday. It was a perfect day! Everyone had a wonderful time.


Yesterday Calvin looked in the butterfly cage and was surprised to find his butterfly had come out of it's cocoon. It is so beautiful. Calvin is so happy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yesterday I was putting Maddy's carseat in my van when the little neighbor girl, Kelly walked up and asked, " Can I play with Tabby? I said, "No, but when I get back Tabby can play." Kelly said, "I really want to see Tabby's robot." I said, "Her robot?" She said, "The one that cleans her room." I smiled and shook my head. Where did Tabby come up with a robot that cleans her room?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


All five of the caterpillars have made cocoons. They are beautiful there are little gold dots on them. I got some neat pictures of them in the process. They are pinned in their new home. Calvin checks everyday to see of they have come out. The first one out is his.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Court of Honor

Last night there was a Court of Honor for mutual. Chas got 1 merit badge, Citizenship in the Community. He only needs to get 3 more merit badges before his eagle :) Steve got 3 merit badges, First aid, Citizenship in the World and Shotgun shooting. I am so proud of them for working on their scouts. I have been nagging them a lot. Angela has helped too :) Steve's sash is on the wrong way. Silly Steve!


Everytime Toby holds Maddy when she's sleeping he falls asleep too.

Maddy 7 weeks old. She is getting so big. I am so blessed because she is such a good baby. She is a Mama's girl. Kathi send that darling shirt that says I eat at Moms. I put it on Maddy today and she is almost too big for it ;) Thanks Kathi.


Steve was at the Downing's house and saw all their bunnies and fell in love with Patches. He asked me if he could buy her and I said OK because Steve is great with animals and so responsible to feed them and never complains. The Downings gave her to Steve. He is so happy and is so good to Patches. They are cute!