Monday, December 12, 2011

Boo's Booboo

Izzie in the hospital bed. She is drugged. She was supposed to wear the pink and white gown but ripped it off and threw it.

While we were at the hospital Tabby made a card for Izzie. The face with the red inbetween the eyes is Izzie.

The back of the card.

Izzie making a funny face.

Izzie's nick name is Boo. on Sunday she tripped and hit her head on my hope chest and it split her head open. We took her to the emergency room. They numbed it and gave her some medication to relax her. Well instead of relaxing her it made her angry. The nurse gave her a teddy bear and she threw it on the ground. She wanted me to hold her and she hit Toby in the face. She was like and angry drunk. She got 3 stitches. Poor baby Boo.

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