Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday baking

Izzie and Tabby.

Maddy tasted a cookie and loved it!

Calvin cutting out sugar cookies.

Tabby made a gingerbread girl.

Fudge (plain, walnuts and peppermint)

Steve loves Ginger softies so he volunteered to make them. They turned out perfect.

Chas and his friend Alex made caramel. it turned out perfect. G-pa Roskelley taught him well :)

We had so much fun baking all these goodies. Now we just need to package them up and deliver them to our peeps :) Merry Christmas!

Boo's Booboo

Izzie in the hospital bed. She is drugged. She was supposed to wear the pink and white gown but ripped it off and threw it.

While we were at the hospital Tabby made a card for Izzie. The face with the red inbetween the eyes is Izzie.

The back of the card.

Izzie making a funny face.

Izzie's nick name is Boo. on Sunday she tripped and hit her head on my hope chest and it split her head open. We took her to the emergency room. They numbed it and gave her some medication to relax her. Well instead of relaxing her it made her angry. The nurse gave her a teddy bear and she threw it on the ground. She wanted me to hold her and she hit Toby in the face. She was like and angry drunk. She got 3 stitches. Poor baby Boo.

Friday, December 9, 2011



Tabby, Izzie and Chas breaking bread for the stuffing.

Calvin made homemade cranberries.

Calvin stuffing the top of Tom he wouldn't stuff his bottom. What a fun conversation :)

Steve stuffing Tom the turkey.

It takes alot of muscules to mash potatoes. Chas made them so creamy.

Yummy yams.

Homemade rolls

Tabby and Calvin both wanted to wish bone.

Pumpkin pie is my favorite.

Thanksgiving was almost perfect this year. Toby had to work :( but the kids and I had so much fun just hanging out and cooking together. We read Alma Chapter 26 it was perfect for Thanksgiving.

Izzie is crazy

Izzie was being so quiet which only means one thing she's up to no good. She said, "Look at my tower."

Sisters are the best!

Maddy is 9 months old. She is such a good sport when Tabby and Izzie want to play mommy with her.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Taking a picture of 15 kids and having everyone look is impossible. It was fun though.

We love Santa

Papa dresses up as Santa for his ward pancake breakfast. tabby was so excited she even made a book for him.

Izzie didn't pose good for the picture but after the line died down Izzie talked with Santa and knew he was Papa. But now all Santas are Papa.

Maddy was a little scared of Santa.

My girls in their christmas dresses.

Home Sweet Home

This is our family picture. I was looking through my pictures and the last family picture was from a year and a half ago. I set the timer and had the camera propped on the trash can so the picture is a little wonky but so are we :) I love my family!

This is a picture of our home. It is so beautiful. I am so grateful for our home.

Fall pictures

Maddy eating leaves. Silly baby.

Izzie is 2 1/2 yrs old. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Tabby made a bouquet of leaves.

I was really nervous when Calvin got up in the tree I was affraid he would break his other hand.Steve is 6 feet tall. I knew he would be taller than me I just thought I had longer.

Chas loves to climb trees.

I do this pose every year. I think they look so cute.

I love fall. I love when the leaves change colors. Kids grow so fast. I am so grateful for digital cameras. It is so fantastic to be able to take a bajillion pictures on a memory card and not have to worry about film.