Wednesday, May 18, 2011

horse haven

Maria helped Tabby walk the mini horse. After a couple of laps around the barn Tabby told Maria I can do it myself and took the rope and off she went. Tabby walking Oreo all by herself.

Tabby riding Spirit.

Tabby found an egg in the chicken coop. She got to take it

Tabby's preschool went on a fieldtrip to horse haven farm. It was so much fun! Tabby got to ride a pony. It was her first time ever to ride a horse and she loved it. She got to walk a mini horse.

Sailor dresses

My sailor girls :)

Maddy 3 months old

Izzie did NOT want to have her picture taken. this seems to be a reoccuring theme with her.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maddy 2 1/2 months

Maddy is such a happy baby. She is loved by everyone! We call her Maddy May.

mother's day

Calvin, Tabby and Steve made me breakfast in bed.

Look at the beautiful wild flowers Steve picked me. How sweet!

Izzie is an artist and unfortunately she is the canvas.

She got the walls too.

Tabby hand stamped this tote for me at preschool.

Chas you are too funny.

Calvin drew me a maze.

Calvin made me a frog. He loves oragami

Calvin made me a bookmark.

I had such a good Mother's day. I have such GREAT kids.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to set the butterflies free. Tabby, Calvin and Izzie each put a butterfly in a tulip in our front yard. I didn't get any pictures of did that happen? Izzie had fun searching for where they flew to. The butterflies stayed around for several hours then flew away.

Izzie is a nut

Last night after dinner I was getting Izzie ready for a bath. I undressed her and turned my back for a second. Izzie grabbed two q-tips and put them in her ears and said, "Look Mommy." I said, "Izzie you're a nut." Izzie smiled so big, so I grabbed my camera and took a picture. I turned for a second to put the camera away and Izzie grabbed Maddy's booger sucker outter thing and put it in her nose then she grabbed the other one and stuck it in her other nose hole....then she did both at the same time. I told her again, "Izzie you are a nut." She was very pleased with herself! I said, "Izzie it's time for your bath." Izzie ran over to the TV stand and climbed in the cubby underneath. Izzie is so funny.